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Canvas print - Our Gina

Canvas print - Our Gina

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Introducing “Gina’s Serenity” 

A canvas print that captures the essence of our cherished Bolognese dog, Gina. This personal artwork, digitally enhanced using SDXL and Canva, is now available as a canvas print through Printify in our online store.

Craftsmanship and Quality

This canvas print is a testament to craftsmanship and quality. Printed on a composite of cotton and polyester matte canvas, it features a special proprietary coating that enhances the color and clarity of the image. The result is a vivid portrayal of Gina, with every detail from her soft fur to her expressive eyes brought to life with stunning clarity.

Eco-Friendly and Durable

The frame is constructed from radial pine, ethically sourced from renewable forests, making this print not only an artistic addition to your home but also an eco-friendly choice. By choosing “Gina’s Serenity,” you are supporting the conservation of natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

Easy Installation

Ease of installation is guaranteed with a back hanging already included. Simply find the perfect spot on your wall, and hang up the canvas with ease. Additionally, soft rubber dots on the bottom back corners provide support and prevent the canvas from scratching your wall or sliding off.

Precision and Tolerance

Attention to detail is evident in the production process, with a tolerance of +/- 1/8" (3.2mm) ensuring that the canvas fits just right on the frame - not too tight, not too loose.

A Personal Touch to Your Space

“Gina’s Serenity” is more than just a print; it’s a personal touch to your living space, a reminder of the love and loyalty that only a family pet can provide. It’s an artwork that invites you to pause and reflect, to appreciate the beauty and companionship that Gina represents.

Ordering Information

To bring “Gina’s Serenity” into your home, simply select the size that fits your space, from 12" x 18" to 32" x 48", add it to your cart, and complete the checkout process. Your canvas print will arrive at your doorstep, ready to add warmth and personality to your home.

Embrace the blend of art, sustainability, and personal sentiment with “Gina’s Serenity.” Order now and let this unique canvas print become a cherished part of your family’s story.

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